Game rules and metrics

A fully transparent, decentralized and open sourced sticker album.


  • 5 matic Price per pack.
  • 10,000 Available packs to mint.
  • 3 Stickers you can mint per pack.
  • 1,568 Unique stickers. (*)
  • 30,000 Total stickers.
  • 32 Possible winners.
  • 50% of pack sales go towards the prize pool.
  • 15% of pack sales go to the team.
  • 15% of pack sales will be kept in a treasury for future projects.
  • 20% of pack sales are for marketing and promotion.
  • 5% is the reseller fee for the team.

(*) A sticker's uniqueness is determined by the country, the type of jersey (home, away, goalkeeper) and the printed number.

How to complete the sticker album?

96 stickers are required to complete the album. 32 home jerseys, 32 away jerseys and 32 goalkeeper. This means that for every country participating in the WC 2022, you need to collect 1 home, 1 away and 1 goalkeeper pixel jersey sticker. The player number is not relevant to complete the album.

How is the pool prize distributed?

Once a user collects all 96 stickers, they can claim the prize. A prize need to be claimed, it is not airdropped. Every time a user claims a prize, they will receive half of the pool prize at that moment. This will continue until the last possible winner claims the prize and receives the remaining balance.

What happens to the winner stickers?

The stickers used to claim the cash prize will be burned so they can’t be used again.