Join the community

We want to create a community of sports and collectible lovers, a safe place for our holders to interact and enjoy the biggest football competition in the world together. We will create unique and fun activities for our community members to win virtual and physical prizes.

Our official communities are:

  • Discord: this is the place for holders to hang out, trade stickers and participate in fun holder-only activities.
  • Twitter: our public news feed, follow us to stay up to date with our progress but also new jersey releases, WC news, game results and more. We may run competitions for our followers and holders.

Some of the activities that we are planning to launch for the sticker holders during the competition are:

  • Games and competitions based on the performance of the players in the WC 2022 For example, pack(s) airdrop if a player from your stickers scores a goal.
  • Physical giveaways. For example, a raffle to win Argentina’s official jersey between all holders that have a sticker from an Argentine player.

The more stickers you have, the more chances to win prizes you will have!