The sticker album experience 3.0

Have you ever tried to complete a sticker album?

  • Running to the shops to buy sticker packs.
  • Open the packs hoping to get a sticker that you don’t have yet.
  • The closer you get to completing the album, the harder it is to get new stickers.
  • Compare with friends the stickers you have / are missing.
  • Trade, compete or sell the repeated ones with friends.
  • Stick the stickers into the album.

We are bringing that experience to the blockchain in a fully decentralized and transparent way. In contrast to the traditional sticker albums, we will be offering:

  • Decentralized cash prizes: Each person that completes the album wins a cash prize that comes from the revenue from selling the packs. In the traditional model all the profits are for the distribution company.
  • Transparency: All the metrics are public (number of packs and stickers, number of possible completed albums, number of each type of sticker). In the traditional model the distribution company plays with those metrics to maximize its profit.
  • Utility: The sticker holders can use their stickers to participate in other games that we will be launching during the competition. There will be important physical, digital and cash prizes.
  • Access to a global community: You will enjoy the sticker album experience 3.0 and the biggest football competition while you interact with people from all over the world, instead of just exchanging stickers with your local friends.