Executive Summary

The Pixel Cup is the first decentralized NFT sticker album.

We are bringing the experience of collecting a sticker album to web 3.0, but in contrast to the traditional model we offer:

  • A cash prize for the winners
  • A limited number of packs you can buy
  • A public and predefined stickers balance
  • Open sourced and backed by the blockchain

How it works

The game rules and functionalities are defined in the Pixel Cup Smart Contrat. The users can buy (mint) packs that can be exchanged for stickers. Each pack and sticker is an ERC-1155 token. There is a pool prize made up by a percentage of the revenues from selling the packs. Each person that completes the album can claim a prize. Learn more

The collection

Our first collection is based on the 96 unique jerseys from the 32 national teams participating in the World Cup 2022 in their pixel version (32 home, 32 away y 32 goalkeepr). We chose this collection because this is one of the most important sports events in the world and the physical album has been one of the most popular collectibles items for decades. Learn more

Besides completing the album, sticker holders will be able to participate in other games and activities that we will organize during the event. We have important physical, digital and cash prizes planned. Stay tuned!

The community

We want to create a global community of sports and collectible lovers, a safe place for our holders to interact, trade and enjoy the biggest football competition in the world together. We will create unique and fun activities for our community members to win virtual and physical prizes. Learn more