The Pixel Cup

The first fully decentralized NFT sticker album

Mint a pack to get a random set of stickers. Collect the unique 96 pixel jerseys from the WC 2022 teams and win the ca$h pool prize.

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Pixel Cup Sticker
Pixel Cup Sticker
Pixel Cup Sticker
Pixel Cup Sticker
Pixel Cup Sticker

How it works

Collect the unique 96 pixel jerseys from the WC 2022 teams and win the ca$h pool prize.  Read our docs.

The Pixel Cup Pack

1. Buy a Pack

Using your cyrpto wallet you can buy 1 or many packs of stickers. There are only 10,000 packs.

The Pixel Cup Pack Opened

2. Open a Pack

If you hold a pack in your wallet you can exchange it for 3 random stickers.

The Pixel Cup Album

3. Complete the album

Collect the 96 unique stickers to complete the album and claim the prize.

The Pixel Cup Pack

Exchange Stickers With Confidence

Duplicated sticker? You can exchange stickers with other collectors using our platform for free. Exchanges are done in the smart contract and secured by the blockchain.

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The Pixel Cup Sticker Trading
The Pixel Cup Sticker

Win The Cash Prize

50% of each pack sale, goes towards a pool prize. Every time someone completes the album, they can claim 50% of the available pool prize. Only 32 possible winners. The last one takes it all.

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The Pixel Cup Pack

Join The Community

We want to create a community of sports and collectible lovers, a safe place for our holders to interact and enjoy the biggest football competition in the world together. We will create unique and fun activities for our community members to win virtual and physical prizes.

The Pixel Cup Pack

Frequently Asked Questions

  What is The Pixel Cup?

The Pixel Cup is a project that aims to offer users the world's first fully decentralized NFT sticker album. Just like a physical sticker collection, the user is able to buy packs that contain random stickers of a predetermined collection. The 2022 World Cup Album is the first collection of many others to come in the future.

  How does it work?

The user can mint (buy) a pack that contains 3 random stickers, and use these stickers to complete the album. The first collection (2022 World Cup) is made of 96 stickers, 3 from each one of the 32 nations participating in the competition. Users can complete the album by minting packs and trading with other players.

  How does trading work?

We offer a trading platform on our website where users can list their duplicates and propose trades to other players. They can also chat on the trading channel on our Discord to check for duplicates, buying/selling stickers and make deals that can be then finalized on the trading platform. Trades are done in the blockchain, for free but you will need to pay the gas fee associated (very low).

  How many stickers are needed to complete the album?

To complete the 2022 World Cup album, you need to get 96 stickers, 3 from each nation - home, away and goalkeeper. Stickers can also have different numbers, but those don't count towards the completion of the album, you only need one version of each sticker.

  What is the meaning of the numbers on the stickers?

Numbers represent a single player. For example, the Argentina kit with the number 10 represents Messi (who will be wearing the #10 shirt in the WC). During the competition, we will draw prizes relative to specific players' performances and holders of those specific stickers will be able to claim it.

  How does the Cash Prize work?

50% of all the money made by the pack's sales will go straight to the prize pool. Whenever a user completes the album, they'll be able to claim the cash prize, which is 50% of the prize pool. So, let's say the prize pool is $1000 and you claim it, you will get $500. The remaining $500 will remain on the pool so the next person to complete the album can also claim it. This amount will now continue growing with new sales and the game keeps on going. This way we can reward early achievers and still make it possible for everyone to compete.